Coffee-roasting levels are notoriously vague and slippery. One person's "medium blond" is another's "medium dark." What's a poor roaster to do?

Well, one thing is to use standard roasting language and categories, which for some reason roasters seem hesitant to do. So that's what you'll find on this page, along with their associated temperatures. Once you identify what you believe is your usual preference, order it using our drop-down menu on the
Purchase page. If it's not exactly what you want, revise it the next time.

An individual bean's character is best experienced at lighter roast levels. As beans approach French roast level, their distinctive varieties disappear and they all begin to taste alike. Do not expect all flavor-descriptions to be present at the darkest roast levels.

Roast Levels and Temp F

City: 426

City+: 430

Full City: 437

Full City+: 442

Vienna: 446

French: 464+

"Think of us as yourself in front of the roaster. And let us know how you're doing!"